Reverse Jet

 Woven fiberglass bags are the most preferred fabrics used for RABH. We sew filter bags using filter media from the best manufacturers of glass fiber filtration in the world, for various applications.

It is known fact that the key to the optimum performances of the fiber glass filter bags lies in the various finish treatment in the fiberglass fabric prior to the fabrication of filter bags.

Without a protective coating, the glass filaments in filtration fabrics are broken through abrasion caused by dust particles or chemical attack from the gas stream. We therfore use four proprietary finishes to enhance life and performance of filterbags. Selecting the right finish ensures fabric performance and durability.

With the completely controlled environment for manufacturing, you are sure for getting best quality filter bags. We have been successful with fiberglass filter bags in many rigorous applications. Our bags are performing beyond customer expectations in chemical, cement, steel, utility boilers, carbon black and Ferro-alloy industries for last several years.

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