PP Filter Press Plates

 The filter press is a solid liquid separation device using the principle of pressure feeding. It has been used successfully in almost every industrial filtration application over its 150 years of history. It includes a series of filter plates and frames or recessed plates which are arranged alternately. The filter medium is provided in between the plates. A feeding pump is utilized to force the liquid through the medium leaving the solid trapped inside.

Compared to other pressure filters the filter press holds more solids per square feet of filtering surface area then any other. A closer is required which can be manual or hydraulically operated. The closer containing a controlling a follower plate presses the plates together, creating a sealed unit.

The filter press is typically less costly to install than compared to rotary drum vacuum filters, belt presses or centrifuges. It is significantly less expensive and easier to maintain and operate then the other three, and service life has been proven time and time again to be much longer.

RFTI are designed in such a way to give maximum filtration efficiency and less maintenance throughout its service life. We have built a solid reputation in the market from our designing of filter press which quickly and efficiently do the filtration.

Ceramic Plates

 Plates and Frames are made of light, hygienic, chemical resistance polypropylene. They are easy to handle and practically maintenance free. Plates and frames are uniquely suited for basic filtration processes.

They have been proven reliable and efficient in chemical processes, the beverage industries and biochemical, pharmaceutical, and blood and plasma applications. The sizes are from 610mm to 1200mm.

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