Dust Collector Bags

Standard Bags

RFTI Fabricates a vast variety of woven & non-woven filter media bags for dust collections.

Standard Temperature bags

These bags are fabricated in variuous medias like Polyester (140o), Polypropylene (90o), Acrylic (130o), used in various types of industries for different types of applications.

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Reverse Jet

 Woven fiberglass bags are the most preferred fabrics used for RABH. We sew filter bags using filter media from the best manufacturers of glass fiber filtration in the world, for various applications. It is known fact that the key to the optimum performances of the fiber glass filter bags lie in the application of the chemical finish to the fiberglass fabric prior to the fabrication of filter bags...

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Pulse Jet

 Non-woven media suitable for operation at continuous elevated temperature (200 °C to 288 °C) and capacity to take intermittent surge temperatures filters are used in Utility boilers, Cement, Carbon and Steel manufacturing units. We carve the bags from different weight, construction and efficiency off Different varieties to meet your demands of high temperature filtration where conventional needle felts like PPS....

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Shakers Bags

 Shaker bags are used in an older concept dust collector design which goes back several decades before the introduction of pulse jets. In the shaker concept, the filter bag collects dust on the inside surface. The typical shaker collector is compartmentalized so that a single compartment can be taken off-line for cleaning. After closing the dampers, the bags in the off-line....

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